Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starlings Over the Moor

Yesterday, before everything broke loose* I was watching this video.
It’s kind of old news, but yesterday I met it with new wonder, as I’ve been thinking about the phrase “connecting the dots.”
By that I mean, how do we put together the story of our life?
How do we connect the dots?
There’s actually a multitude of ways as independent life events simply arise and then dissolve.

I feel like my family is struggling on how to connect the dots. I know I am.
We’re being invited, herded, even forced into breaking old connections (that is to say, beliefs) and realizing new ways of being.

And then to see that nature just stirs wide swaths of this “connect the dots” energy through the air for the sheer joy of physical expression… it’s very beautiful and mysterious to me.

*(Evie “failed” her PET scan and once again they must do a biopsy involving a hard and painful surgery to get behind her breast bone.)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Oh, Now Here We Go

I’m having a bit of trouble explaining what’s unfolding as Mary, Evie and I meet to meditate twice a week. The shorthand I use in my head is to simply say something shamanic is unfolding. It seems to involve channeling for me.

One concern I had with this is that it felt like a very dualistic activity… and here I’ve been trying to cultivate nondual awareness. Oh well, so go the best laid plans.

Here is a quick post just to share my own surprise. It’s Janet Sussman being interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump. Back when it was first posted I wasn’t so enamored by it all. Janet seemed rather full of herself and they got off on talking about higher beings and other planets… CLICK. I turned it off.

But this morning, I decided to revisit. Taoism has a lot of shamanic practice and yet speaks of awakened and enlightened masters. So, I find I’m become a little more opened minded regarding paths. And it occurred to me maybe that what’s Janet’s describing.

Two things I want to share:
First, at about the 1hr 45 min mark there’s a nice discussion about the opening of the heart and vulnerability. Mind opens to true Self and then the heart can open… or sometimes the reverse can happen.

Second, at about 1 hr 55 min, Janet says she is a musician, plays piano, and would like to sing. She then proceeded, to my great surprise, to take a bow and cut loose with the exact behavior that has started flowing through me as Evie, Mary, and I meditate. She calls it singing. I call it shamanism. Look closely at her facial features. This looks like channeling to me. But, if non-dual awareness does it, what is there to channel? It’s just another part of the flow of Life.

And as Janet says, it heals.