Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sticky Stages

The apparent shift from the sleep state to an awake one is actually quite subtle. There's no real line, except that there is! This subtlety is the reason that after an initial glimpse there can be so much trailing oscillation before we reach a real grounding, or stability, within Nondual awareness. 
There's no such thing as "permanent" enlightenment, which is purely a mind-constructed idea that could only happen to a somebody, but there is certainly ongoing enlightenment, which has nothing whatsoever to do with a human being. Ongoing enlightenment--also known as abiding awakening--is unshakable and boundless.
Fred Davis, Awakening Clarity

This is REALLY good to know. Got it/Lost it has to come to an end at some point. ...ha,ha - just as spiritual egos need to disappear.


Eve Bralley said...

I have two distinct sensations--one from awake to sleep, and one from sleep to awake. This doesn't happen always, but has happened enough for me to notice.

From awake to sleep: just before I fade away I get the most incredible anxiety. A panic, for no reason. I find I just need to ride it out, and then fade away into dreamland.

From sleep to awake: as I awake I also have anxiety. Like it is painful to be awake. Until I fully awake, and then life is happy.

These transitions to me have always amazed me. Why is there anxiety in the process when both worlds seem so fantastical.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodnesѕ! Impгeѕsive aгtiсle duԁe!
Many thanκs, Howevеr I am encountering trοubles ωith youг RSЅ.
I dοn't underѕtand the reason why I can't join it.
Is theгe anyоne elѕе getting similar RSS issues?
Anyоnе who knoωs the solution will you kindly reѕpond?

kate еlisabeth Dircksen; ,

Pat Bralley said...

Hi Kate, I think for RSS to work I have to do something on this end. I haven't and don't really have plans to.
This is more a peruse as ye may site and low tech site. That I would consider RSS high tech can give you an idea of how low we're talking. Hope that's OK.