Sunday, March 07, 2021


The Space Between Stories
As scientists we see into Worlds both macro and micro.
But as storytellers we step into New Worlds of our own creation.
I think that’s qualifies as progress and maybe even valuable
during this time that we’re in.
What time is that?
Charles Eisenstein calls it “The Space Between Stories.”
What he’s pointing to is the fact that our foundational myth of 10,000 years (The Story of Separation) is crumbling.  And a new myth (The Story of Wholeness & Connecting) - while stirring - has not yet really arrived.
Like that trapeze artist taking the leap - we’re left in between - suspended in air yet hurtling forward.
Yee Gadz!
Will the next bar be there to meet us?
Will our next foundational myth provide the archetypes and answers we need?
It will if we create it step by step.
We need to create a whole new collection of stories: of Ancestors, of Spirit, of our Inter-Connectedness.
SO, I’m working on that.
And while FaceBook is nice, I want something longer.  So, I’m reviving this old blog to share better stories.
Today’s art exercise: “Ancestors”
And checkout Charles Eisenstein’s “Space Between Stories.”

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