Saturday, June 10, 2006

One Breath Qi Paintings

Annie's Wraith 1
Originally uploaded by Seeking Tao.
I took my guided movement practice and applied it to painting. I allow the energy of one breath to guide the movement of my hand and calligraphy brush. I often begin with a photo I have taken. I bow, stand meditatively over the printed photo until I feel the energy build, then exhale down my arm.

Here is an example of such a attempt. I call it “Annie’s Wraith” in honor of the spirit of my little cocker, Annie. I’d just been told she had a very aggressive cancer and hadn’t long to live. I’d been too sad to do much and was simply lying on the sofa staring out the window, when I had the idea, “Go mix water, honey and ink on a plate and take its picture.”

I did that and was shocked by what the camera captured. Then, I added the calligraphy. I have made more joyous paintings, but none speaks deeper to my soul.

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