Monday, September 04, 2006

Sacred Activism

Andrew Harvey is something of an New Age-Old Testament prophet, proclaiming that the world has reached a crisis point and is undergoing a Great Death while simultaneously a Great Birth is unfolding. The point of this crisis, which we ourselves have created, is that we as a species are now forced to “evolve or die.” Harvey is quiet clear we must enter into our divine nature in order to survive. His vision in a word is “intense.” Given two words, I’d say, “Very Intense.” Which is not to say he’s wrong. He’s describing a path of transformation described in many traditions. It is a path of fire, a baptism of Fire.

I’ve added a link to Harvey’s Sacred Activism site and invite you to check it out. Sacred Activism “is an invitation to undergo a radical change that ignites the divine spark deep within… It delivers you to you highest calling and brings you to the awful grace of truth.”

On the other hand, being Taoist, I’m more given to the Watercourse Way. And for those other water babies out there, I offer here a bit of essay I’ve been working on about seeing deeper and finding love, for this too is finding the divine within ourselves and others. And it is this that is the essence of Sacred Activism.

And somewhere in the back of my mind I do recall there being two baptisms in the Bible: one of fire and one of water. If you know that full story, please drop me a line.

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