Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thy Will not My Will

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When you allow awakeness in, you will find that it plays games with your life. It doesn’t move according to the agenda of the little me, the one who has all these ideas about this or that happening when you awake. The awakeness could care less about the agendas you have. It’s moving, and it’s not listening to what you want, and you are grateful that it’s not listening. You discover that it has its own movement, which I suppose is what real surrender is- following that movement. This is the real meaning of “Thy will be done.”

Adyashanti, Emptiness Dancing, p13


Kalibhakta said...

this is so true...thank you for this post. it's funny how long it takes some of us to learn this (ME), but the universe gives us plenty of opportunities.

thanks also for your post on The Crane Wife...

Pat Bralley said...

Thank You! How very strange the timing for your comment. I have been struggling with this "blogging deal" ...wondering whether to continue... and so just the day before I'd had this cary inside, "Is there anybody out there getting something out of this?" ... and there you were. Yeah, what, who's agenda? Thank you! I will continue, sharing the bungling forward.