Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Quest

Ancient Nun
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Well, I guess it’s time for me to get my act together and put something up for March. Perhaps not what I REALLY want to say, but hopefully something worth sharing.

To be specific, some thoughts (that I’ve edited down) on seeking by Adyashanti. Check out his website for the quote in it’s entirety.

"The quest for enlightenment is the quest for truth or reality. It’s not a quest for ideas about truth—that’s philosophy. And it’s not a quest to realize your fantasies about truth—that’s fundamentalized religion. It’s a quest for truth on truth’s terms. It’s a quest for the underlying principle of life, the unifying element of existence.

"In your quiet moments of honesty, you know that you are not who you present yourself as, or who you pretend to be. … One day you’re an indulgent, worldly person; the next a pure, spiritual lover of God. One moment you love your image of yourself, and the next you loathe it. On it goes, identified with one self-image after another, each as separate and false as the last.

"When this game of delusion gets boring or painful enough, something within you begins to stir… It is the intuition that there is truth, although you do not know what it is. But you know, you intuit that truth exists…

"Once you receive this intuition, this revelation, you will be compelled to find it. You will have no choice in the matter. You will have consciously begun the authentic quest for enlightenment, and there is no turning back. Life as you’ve known it will never be quite the same."

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