Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just for a moment

Light on rock, II
Originally uploaded by Seeking Tao

Everyone is busy
But I am not.
Everyone is called somewhere
But I am not.

I am alone
But I am not.

There is a broom by the
There is light
upon the stones.
A breeze runs through the
tree tops.
And golden leaves fall to earth.

Just for this moment.

like that the light is gone
in no more than a shutter snap

The light is gone.
The breeze is still.

Once more
I am alone.

the next moment
is a train
is a bird
is a breeze.

I am sitting alone
But I am not.

a poem for you all, by P.Bralley (I wish the formatting would work. Some lines are indented (ideally- or was it just for the moment?))

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