Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mom, This One's for You!

OK. Just a quick post here, for Mom. And the rest of you Out There may enjoy this too...

"Code Name Nora" is a blog by an 82 year old woman that is very enjoyable to me. And now defunct. She wanted to start a new one. (I like that one too and am in the processing of trying to write a post reflecting on that.)

But, I'm having my lunch break right now and I nicked a site counter off Nora's site. And then I read this post.

Mom, do you remember when Ann Davidson (can I say that here?) greeted the plumber, Mr. Peebles, wearing just her bar? She thought it was Mr. Davidson coming home and she pulled the shade on the back door up crying, "Darling."
Remember? We laughed for weeks on that one.
Remember? She'd really scared Mr. Peebles!


When you get back from your bus trip to Missouri, let me know you that you've seen this.
Nora's your age!

For the rest of you Out There, RE: commentary of consciousness and spirit ...

This is it.
All This is That.