Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Drawing the Line

Mosaic II
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Admit something:
Everyone you see, you say to them, “Love me.”
Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise
someone would call the authorities.
Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.

Why not become the one who lives with a
full moon in each eye that is always saying,
with that sweet moon language,
what every other eye in this world
is dying to hear?

The other day my family got into something of a heated political debate via email.
It doesn’t really matter now what the issue was.
In the midst of the swirl my nephew wrote, “It doesn’t affect me, so I don’t care.”
Last night, I realized, “I care and so it does affect me.”

Apparently, self interests are determined by where we draw the line between my self and Other.
Dealing with this very line is the real task of spiritual cultivation.
For instance, we may come to understand:

The heart of a mother is full of tenderness, but it is limited to her child only;
but the heart of the Saint is all inclusive,
it knows the how and whence of the origin of each one and the vicissitudes they have to go through.

Or, as in politics, we might describe the issue from a very different angle:

Know that the outward form passes away,
but the world of reality remains forever.
How long will you play at loving the shape of the jug?
Leave the jug; go, seek the water!


I found these poems and words at a wonderful site, Seeker After Truth.
It’s Sufi sponsored, but covers much Advaita and refers to itself as “A Mystic’s Reference Repository.”
I find it soothes my heart.

Enjoy exploring it. Meanwhile, I don’t think I’ll be writing here as much as in the past.


Pincushion said...

oh dear! i do hope that you continue writing here - i visit often (almost daily!) even though i might not comment on everything. What you write makes me think - ponder - challenge - assimilate - connect and reconsider...

Pat Bralley said...

Thanks for your comment. I am going to try to keep writing here. It's been strangely difficult. By "strangely" I mean I can't even give a clear reason much beyond a desire to keep my mouth shut. Thoughts are fewer.

But then, within a couple hours of this post yesterday, I got an email from a friend. I hadn't heard from her in awhile and was begining to worry if she were alright. She doesn't visit this blog often, but she did yesterday and this is what she said:

…please allow me to share something I noticed this morning.
Deep in thought about my new task and schedule (Mom came home on the 20th in a comatose state following a stroke and cardiac arrest) I walked out of the parking deck with my head down and really focused on the meaning of life, mercy, and grace.

I looked up to see the shuttle come by. The driver threw his hand high into the air and flashed a really big smile and mouthed a greeting.

Immediately I began to think that was really nice and it took my serious minded spirits to a different place. As I walked on I had a smile on my face.

As I approached a loading dock, there was a male who looked to be of Indian decent standing on the deck. He looked very serious and in deep thought. As the shuttle driver’s smile flashed from him to me I decided to project it on this gentleman.
Good morning I sang in a cheerful tone. A huge smile parted his face, “Good morning to you,” he said as he part bowed and reached to open the door for me.

I guess we are all saying “love me” and when we greet one another with joy we are saying “I love you”. Larraine

I think that blogging is something like that too.
Thank you both for writing.

Anonymous said...

So interesting. I have been curious and meant to ask you last Thursday...about your increasing feeling of the inadequacy of language - of speech - and yet your eloquence in your blog. I understand the frustration of trying to express what is going on inside yourself with words - how limiting they can be - and yet your blogs are so exspressive!

Pincushion said...

Thank you for sharing that Patricia..and looking at 'Anon's' comment..i find that i too am struggling to express - i write so much lesser than I used to - i speak even lesser now - its as if words drain me - they make too much noise sometimes - as if some energy inside would rather be elsewhere than in that noise...

so much is ongoing - within and without that words seem too small a measure and yet its your words and our words that connect...

as do the smiles!

Thank you Patricia.

Pat Bralley said...

Yes, yes, yes, Anjali - "as if energy inside would rather be eslewhere than in the noise"

And Anon - as I recall last Thursday we spoke of paradox, how when I finally see the paradox i a situation I've gotten to the bottom. Words are necessary. And the most eloquent are those than flush us out of our heads and into our bodies and emotions. Words help us transcend words... into smiles and tears.

Thank you both.

Kate said...

Thank you for the nice words you left on my blog, Patricia. I hope you will continue writing for you have deep feelings that need to be expressed one way or t'uther.

Pat Bralley said...

Thanks, Kate. I appreciate your encouragement.