Saturday, April 02, 2011

Being Who You Are is Freedom

Ben is growing on me.  His directness shatters so much that I often cannot stand to listen. But, that glass I hear breaking are my beliefs. And he also makes me feel a burst of happiness and leaves me with a grin.


KathyB said...

Wow, that was definitely "awesome"! Thanks for sharing. Will have to check out Ben.

Was recently introduced to Ruthless Truth ( and all its offshoots (esp.
It horrified me initially and then it caught me. So much anger, so much intensity, so much passion...
All for "the cause".

Not for everyone.

Pat Bralley said...

Yeah, they don't call it "ruthless" for nothing!

On another note, after I posted Ben I noticed how I take exception with some things he said... OR more accurately, what he doesn't say and thus you're free to imply: just let every kind of behavior that crosses your mind be expressed through your behavior... and I don't think being a totally unaware spoiled brat is what he's advocating. But, it's what I focus on... even while I get and appreciate he's say.