Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blinded by the Light?

running out of time
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My sister called awhile back to say she’d been reading the blog for 45 minutes and that she simply loved it. “Joy after joy.” That pleased me- kind words from my big sister the doctor!

But the thing is, it isn’t always Light.
It’s Yin and Yang.
In fact, the more brilliant the Light, the darker the Shadow cast.
Andrew Harvey cautions that we have to learn to deal with our Shadows, for ultimately, we all face the dark night of the soul.

He also adds that just when it appears you are furthest from God, “you are actually so close that you are blinded by His Glory and think it night."

So, take this as a warning for what I have to share today.

I had called Rebecca to set up our rendezvous, she on the corner, me in the car. But I got lost and turned around and by the time that I arrived, she didn’t see me. I had to honk and lean out the window calling her by name. She had to tear herself away from a man she was talking to.

Settled in the car, she said, “That homeless man was telling me that every thing you verbalize, see, and hear is a figment of your imagination.”

“He’s right!” was my immediate response.
“Yes. I believe that too.” She said.

And then, we sat there for a moment feeling how uncomfortable this thought made us.
I tried again.
“You know, there’s all this neurophysiology to perception…”

We just didn’t want to hear it from a homeless man.

I was drawn to today’s photo by this man’s eyes.
They seem so bright- so filled with consciousness.
Yet, he says, "Time is running out."

He is homeless in Atlanta.
For all I know, he could very well have been the man Rebecca was talking to.

You can read his story by clicking on the picture.
Be warned: It is hard to read.

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