Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jiffy Lube and Life

the blades of Mandalay
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When my partner of twenty years and I split up, I had this image in my head that my future lay across a series of mountain ranges. It was so clear to me, like one of those pictures shot from the summit and published in The National Geographic magazine. Hill after hill, range upon range and I knew that when I reached the other side, we would meet again. The only thing was, I would be so changed by my journey as to be physically unrecognizable. So would she. Was it a lifetime or life times that would pass? I did not know the answer, only that we would meet again and our souls would recognize and rejoice in “the familiar.”

Our love would last, but for now our paths were parting. And on her way out the door, oblivious to metaphor, she said, “Be sure to get your oil changed.”

She had been worrying on that for days and hadn’t had the time to attend to it. “Don’t worry. I’ll get it changed,” I assured her, though my intentions were to walk, walk that is across those mountains which were my more immediate concern.

Well, I am in a new house now, moved to a new neighborhood. And yesterday in the mail there was this card from Jiffy Lube, “We haven’t seen you in awhile.”

In fact, it had been 6 months or 6000 miles. It felt to me more like the latter, six thousand miles across the mountains. And again I saw that image, the progress made, the distant horizon still unmet- but my feet weren’t even bleeding.

I smiled. Six thousand miles!

Now, I bring all this up because there is a lesson here. While you might say that, yes, it’s a nice metaphor regarding the struggles in life and how life’s one grand adventure… yah dah, yah dah - it goes deeper than just that. It is, I believe, a deeply intuitive take into the laws of nature, or more specifically, the nature of evolution.

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