Thursday, April 26, 2007


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This just in, as I write: an email with yet another Story of the Day
(Actually it and others are from “She Who Left Me.” So, I’ll let you decide if she’s really gone.)

This newest story is entitled “Connection.”

there came a moment in the middle of the song when he suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that he never forgot he was part of something much bigger

Which brings me a bit more rested and relaxed to another teaching of Adyashanti:

The Nothing that is Everything does not explain Everything.

(Or is it explains Anything?) Doesn’t matter- his point is in a true Unity and Wholeness, everything affects everything. A single cause and effect is simply impossible - not withstanding the fact that if you drop a rock on your toe… OUCH! (it’s all so paradoxical)

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