Friday, June 29, 2007


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I came across this Adyashanti passage the other day.
Sorry, but I didn’t record the where.
But this is what he said:

Step out of the dream of your concepts and ideas. Step out of the dream of what you imagine enlightenment to be. Step out of the dream of who you think you are. Step out of the dream of everything you have ever known. Step out of your dream of being a deluded person. Stop telling yourself those lies and dreaming those dreams. Step out of all of that. You can do it. Nothing is holding you back. There are no requirements and no prerequisites to awaken. There is nothing to be done, nothing to think, nowhere to go.

Just stop all dreaming. Stop all doing. Stop all excuses.

Just stop and be still.

And you know, that gave me pause. It was nice. … and it led to a whole train of thought regarding the excuses that I make … while not enlightenment it was
somewhat enlightening.

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