Saturday, December 08, 2007

Just for Fun

"Just for Fun" - not really.
I am trying to edit this on the Monday after posting as the JPG Magazine link seemed screwy to me.
Buy, editing is beyond me just now... so I deleted instead.
And kept this...

I had my MRI yesterday.
It's amazing the pressure that builds when you're told, "Now don't move."

I asked if I'd get ear plugs and was told that was possible, but "Most people like the headphones."

So, I got music piped in between my ears as my head was locked into this cage. And the panic bulb was placed into my right hand, with the explanation they wouldn't hear a scream, so squeeze the bulb.

I tried to relax and listen to the music and ignore the rest.
Turns out
That's Hard.

It was much easier to attend to the MRI sounds,
be with them - that jack hammer to the brain
and the music trickled in.

I've no idea how the people trying to ignore the Main Event
ever make it through.

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