Monday, March 24, 2008

The Scalpel and the Soul

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This is a blog done on the fly.
I have been working for sometime very carefully on a post that is about the pain body and memory without nervous systems ... and getting rather tangled up in the details.

Meanwhile, I happened to visit Dean Radin's blog (Entangled Mines) "just now"... Do you ever go there? I have the link - interesting fellow.
Anyway, he provided yet another link to a neurosurgeon who has written a book, The Scalpel and the Soul.

Trust me. Go there and listen to this man's video!
He's done a much better job than I will ever do with pain body and memory.

And now, I feel as if I am smiling into the camera, holding up my tube of tooth paste for all to see, "Buy some today."
"You'll be glad you did."

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