Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worth Visiting

Buddha in Window 2
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You may or may not have noticed that I recently added a link to The Cassandra Pages. I go there regularly for a bit of upliftment, inspiration, to visit with friends whom I have never met... and simply to be in a warm, good place and discover like (and more talented) minds.

Beth today has posted an item on a dolphin saving some beached whales. Not, her usual fare. But, it deeply moved me.

I have been enjoying her series about her 96 year old father-in-law. One day it will be a book, The Fig and the Orchid. In the meantime, how wonderful to see life unfold in real-time.

(However, if you go to this link be warned, scroll to the bottom and read up ... the real-time nature of blogs makes you read them in reverse. It's a very obvious and very curious phenomenon to me, strangely twisted, Escher-like.)

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