Saturday, August 22, 2009


I came across this video of Mooji. It’s the closest I can come to explaining why blogging has become so difficult for me.
Trying to put words to my experience seems to actually hurt, as if being verbal rips some physical tissue made of almost nothing.
Words simply don’t do justice.
Words simply don’t make sense.
The moment a description arises I see how the exact opposite is also true, and then the next moment how nothing I could say is true.
… and if not true, why speak?

But this video presents perhaps an even more compelling point - how the heart is impacted by these changes.
Remaining wordless and silent with the heart seems the way forward for me now.

"Is it a sad discovery?" not really... and still

The heart is breaking. The heart is melting.
My job is to just let all this happen and go about my daily do.
It all feels somewhat strange and lonely on inside and looks extraordinarily ordinary from the outside - if one accepts as normal a fair amout of tears in public.

And for your convenience here’s a link to Wordless, Part 1.


Anonymous said...

I can completely identify with you here...words have become truly difficult...draining...tiring...and limited...
what was once a way to express ones-self actually proved to become a weight...? That's why I stopped...and yet they are the only means we have to express the inexpressible...and I come back for more of your words...the symbols for the..IT..that you are experiencing...

Thank you Pat

Pat Bralley said...

Hi Anjali,
Strange isn't it. Words can also close the gap that opens when you first awake to find you are not all that "out there" - the process is quite lonely - as lonely as it is exquisite... And so it's nice to drop by and have a nod of recognition from time to time.
Thank you!