Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Slow Cook

Japanese Feather
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A complete recognition, maybe the recognition of seeing what’s not true, what’s not you - it can happen in an instant.
[Or] it can be a slow cook.
It happens in different ways, this recognition.
It’s not that the Self or Reality happen - but the recognition of it. The recognition of it can be something of an event, something falls away… a kind of peeling away of like a cataract of illusory identification…

But even if it happens quickly, there’s a slow cook aspect of it that continues.
It seems paradoxical even, but there is a sort of maturity that continues to happen, but against a background of unchanging awareness at the same time… a slow burning away of the noise of identity…

Anyone who are somehow in the taste of this self-experiencing recognize that something is dissolving by itself. And there’s a sense of an eagerness to be out of the way mentally with it.
If you’re hammering at trying to believe something, it doesn’t really work.
It’s a whole move where you find yourself somehow just like if you fall in love.
No one has to remind you to remember your beloved.
I’m comfortable with the word grace in this way. There’s something that you feel compelled to complete… so you go for it.
Mooji, Before I Am, video on Conscious.TV

I transcribed this segment from the video sometime last week, really appreciating the phrase slow cook.
And yes, something is dissolving. That’s another way of describing the flimsy cheesecloth sensation I wrote about.
So, I wanted to hear more.
A slow burning away, doesn’t sound that bad.
But, it doesn’t always feel that good.

Still, I loved the words, There’s something that you feel compelled to complete… so you go for it… just like if you fall in love.

I wouldn't trade this for the world.

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