Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Song of the Day

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I was telling a friend recently I have kind of got off-line mentally.
This was not my intention. Rather my belly drove me there – too much stirred up energetically and finally the mind just quit.
My friend had warned me: belly trouble means resistance.
So now, the resistance has stopped… no more brain.
The eyes see. The ears hear. The brain does not make so much a story.

Which brings me to “The Song of the Day,” heard on the radio while driving to work.
It had me dancing in my head. It had me humming along.
It had me chuckling.

I often hear “Song of the Day” while coming to work. I always spare you.
Well, not today.
Hear. See. Do. Share.

The song? … you’ll have to hear.
Stupid? Yes. (Eyes closed may help.)
Revealing my age? Sure!
Oh, Yes!

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