Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our Glass and the Hour Glass: some thoughts on Time

YinYang Tea
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1) This morning at breakfast it occurred to me, “I may be late already, but it’s too early to tell.” ... now, as Gertrude Stein might say, “That is interesting.” … too early to know you’re late.

2) So, I am trying to get to know this woman and she only checks her email every two weeks. All she can say is, “What’s time.”
So, I’m thinking, though she didn’t really ask, “Time is money.” “Time is Life.” And then really ticked, I think, “Time is all we’ve got!”

…Now, wait a minute … didn’t Eckhart Tolle do this whole thing on how time doesn’t really exist? ... and it’s all I’ve got?

3) Ahhh, so They say, “Time is of the Essence.”

On Time

4) “Reality is different in different states of consciousness.”
Some times it’s not even Real. And some times, it is a Mack Truck.

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