Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Truth

Yesterday, I visited the website for Adyashanti. (I’ve added the link. Check him out!)

It was my first acquaintance with him and his writings. Many of his teachings struck such a resonance in me. For example, there is the one on truth. Only a couple days ago I had been telling Becky that I wanted to know more- if not every detail, certainly more than I’d been told. She said that it would hurt. I said I didn’t care.

While no fan of pain, I am tired of trying to avoid it. Now, I simply want to know. I find that I am helped by knowing the whole story. Wholeness holds by its very nature the promise of the Truth. So, I tell myself, “I want to know the truth”….even as the image arises in my mind of Jack Nicholson leaning across his desk and snarling at Tom Cruise, “Truth? You can’t take the Truth!”

Well, I can. And I want it. And here comes Adyashanti commenting upon these very points taken to the highest level:

“In order to be truly free, you must desire to know the truth more than you want to feel good. Because, if feeling good is your goal, then as soon as you feel better you will lose interest in what is true. This does not mean that feeling good or experiencing love and bliss is a bad thing. Given the choice, anyone would choose to feel bliss rather than sorrow. It simply means that if this desire to feel good is stronger than the yearning to see, know, and experience Truth, then this desire will always be distorting the perception of what is Real, while corrupting one's deepest integrity. In my experience, everyone will say they want to discover the Truth, right up until they realize that the Truth will rob them of their deepest held ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. The freedom of enlightenment means much more than the experience of love and peace. It means discovering a Truth that will turn your view of self and life upside-down. For one who is truly ready, this will be unimaginably liberating. But for one who is still clinging in any way, this will be extremely challenging indeed. How does one know if they are ready? One is ready when they are willing to be absolutely consumed, when they are willing to be fuel for a fire without end.”

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