Friday, September 28, 2007

Bluebird of the Name of Joe

hey, lady . . .
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I find I think of this poem by William Dickey so often that I wanted to post the complete version.

(Now let's just see if I can get Blogger to let me format it correctly.)

(It's still fighting me...)


I sent you this bluebird of the name of Joe
with "Happiness" tattooed on his left bicep.
(For a bluebird, he was a damn good size.)
And all you can say is you think your cat has got him?

I tell you the messages aren't getting through.
The Golden Gate Bridge is up past its ass in traffic;
tankers colliding; singing telegrams out on strike.
The machineries of the world are raised in anger.

So I am sending out this snail of the name of Fred
in a small tricolor sash, so the cat will know him.
He will scrawl out "Happiness" in his own slow way.
I won't ever stop until the word gets to you.

And here, I'll just drop that into this cup I'm still holding, less you ever need a sip.

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