Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cat’s Meow Opines

Originally uploaded by LunaSol
So, as requested, I post my story online.

And not long after that -
well, actually even before that
cause all this is Actually happening in my head
(which is hardly what you’d call “Real Time” or even Real)
Who should I bump into but the Cat’s Meow.

“Hello, C.M.,” I said.
“I posted That story that you asked for.”
And the Cat’s Meow took a step backwards to get a better
Look at me.

“Yes, Darlin’,” I saw it. Something of a downer, wouldn’t you say?”
“The light slanting on the wall… monkey’s rutting? Please!”

“Well, it was a hard period in my life,” I offered by way of Nothing.
“And I have no editor to speak of.”

“Come here, Dear,” the Cat’s Meow said more kindly.
“I have a little something for you.”
And very carefully, from her pocket she pulled out this small, soft, blue…
I stepped closer.

It was a Bluebird,
Of the name of Joe and he had “Happiness”
tattooed on his left bicep.

“You! You, took him!” I was astonished.
“I should have known!”

The Cat’s Meow, smiled demurely.
“And I am giving him to you.
“Unless, that is,
“You’d prefer a snail, by the name of Fred.
“He’s slower.
“But then, you are a Taurus.
“You might enjoy just plodding for awhile.”

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