Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cat’s Meow Makes a Request

Cat Jumps Over the Fence
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Who should I bump into the other morning as I came around
the corner way too fast,
but the Cat’s Meow.

I think we both were startled.

And as I looked about for Piggy Bop
(for they are quite fond of one another and frequently
travel in each other’s company)
I noticed that the Cat’s Meow
rather surreptitiously
slipped a can of spray paint
right into her pocket.

Blinking her long lashes at me
(and not fooling me for a second) she said,
“You know, I don’t know where Piggy Bop has got to.”

Then furrowing her brow and sidling closer she says,
“But, I was wondering. Would you have a Coming Out story that you might tell?”
“Only my own. But, they don’t really seem in vogue these days,” I said.
“Well, I’d hardly expect them to ever be in Vogue. But, why don’t you post it anyway?
“I think that That would do.”

“Or not,” I said.
“Or not,” she smiled.

Then suddenly, like That, she cried out,
“Yeow! The Galloping Cat!”
And she sprang right off in That direction,
calling back as she effortlessly cleared a high, high fence,
while simultaneously managing a wink right at me,

“Everyone is Always Coming Out!”

So, per her request,
Here ‘tis.
I’ll just call it “February, 1985.”

It may or may not do.

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