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An Awakening in Sweden

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And those that were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music – Nietzsche (from A Mouse in France)

Through the Blogosphere I have come to appreciate the fact that all around the world people are spontaneously awakening. By “spontaneously” I am drawing the distinction between people such as myself who have been diligently identified as being a seeker, often for several decades, and those who are just kind of going along living their lives when “poof” – everything is changed.

Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie have written about the delicious disorientation that ensues when one spontaneously awakens. I don’t mean to imply that everyone awakens to become a famous teacher. Nor does everyone awaken to exactly the same experience. On the contrary - each awakening is as unique as we are individual.
Some will stay awake. Some won’t. Some will have a smooth transition. Others won’t.

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing from a young man in Sweden.
I thought others might enjoy hearing Dan’s experience in his own words (though I have edited just a bit):

I recently got my heart open and I'm now awake from 31 years of sleep.
I got a calling to write a book about just that.

It is so exciting, everything is so alive.
There are so many people lost in the dark.
Yes, we all need to wake up and see that all things, everything and
everyone is one.
When I realized that God was inside me and inside everyone I got a great feeling.
My whole world changed in a second.
Time does not exist, the only time is now.
Future and past is a kind of dream.
I now try to live by three values: thought, feeling, and action.

So I asked him how this happened?
Did he have a spiritual tradition or was his awakening a spontaneous event?

Well it all started with a movie, "Peaceful Warrior."
A college boy had a remarkable awakening, and uses his ability to stay focus on this moment, now. That really got to me.
Later I came to know a little lady who has the ability to heal and she helped me open my heart. I'm working on her website right now. She is a lovely lady full of love. She practiced almost exactly as the movie told me, so I knew I was on the right track somehow.

I'm brought up as a Christian and it took a lot of courage for me to go to her.
But, now my world has changed and my boundaries for different religions have changed. I see a wider perspective now but still called myself Christian because I believe in Jesus.
So I build my book on awakening and Jesus.

So far I have had two amazing experiences, and both must come from GOD.
One is I was writing in my book for two hours without knowing what I was writing - that came to be the start of my book.

The other thing is I asked GOD out loud, "How does a tree feel?"
It was a horrible feeling, every muscle shrank and my heart was beating really hard, I almost could not breath.
Still awake and very afraid, I asked again, "What does a healthy tree feel?"
And I tell you it was the best feeling I have ever felt, it felt like something was pulling my toes, finger, hair (in a good way) my body was filled with life, [it] almost felt like flying.

I never believed that nature had such a connection as it has, and that we might learn allot from it. For example my spiritual guide told me that she had been walking down a road with trees. There was one tree that was not so healthy, she saw energy fields moving from the healthy trees nearby to help the sick tree. I thought that was amazing.

Yes I've been a tree, and I'm really happy about that.
(My friends though have trouble believing that. I think they are thinking that I have become a bit crazy. I know that allot of people are afraid of their inner light.)
I'm only been "open" about 7 month now.
But I must say I don't regret a single second, only urge for more.

I must ask you, do you feel in your body the same way I do?
Like hearing good music makes your body's water feel like sparkling water.
I get this feeling 2-20 times a day. Sometimes it is so exhausting that I need to catch my breath, I get higher pulse.
I would like to know if anybody else has the same feeling.
If you write the blog and get any response I would love to read them.

It's amazing, just one year ago I thought this was science fiction and did not know any of this.
Now it's reality and that there are others experiencing the same thing, all over the world, all striving to make a better world filled with love.

I think we are close to finding the core of all things. I like to call it God or the Light.

Best Regards,
Dan Rosshagen

If you can relate to any of this, I am sure Dan would love to hear your comments.

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