Sunday, April 06, 2008

The World is as We Are…(three): Story Telling

I came across the ink drawings of bigheadedrobot (aka Philip Kirk of Iowa City, IA) the other day and was captivated.
I really want to share this discovery with you.

They invite a caption.
They invite an entire story.

So, I thought I'd post today’s favorite, “A Barely Perceptible Vibration,” and invite you to share your own interpretation – either in a comment or via email.
Initially, I imagined a contest for the best cartoon caption.
We can do that.
But, as I was doing morning asanas and contemplating captions, NPR’s Speaking of Faith was on the radio and I heard:

[story telling] is a spiritual activity…
…in order to hear a story, you have to quiet yourself and you have to empathize with the characters in the story. And isn't empathy part of the spiritual life? Isn't quietude part of the spiritual life?
And you also discover in the story that you don't have control. You might like the characters to do one thing or another, you might wish they would make one decision or another, but you can't control the situation. And part of the spiritual life is learning that we are not always in control.
And also, if we are truly listening, then all the details matter. matters what the color of her hair is or what he's wearing or what the time of day is. And paying attention to the details of life is part of the spiritual life.
Rabbi Sandy Sasso

These words provid the perfect basis (less you think I've wandered totally off subject)
for sharing the insights and stories bigheadedrobot’s images evoke. So, to get things started I offer this:

What we see as other is always different. What is different, we fear.

But, that curled finger urges so much more. So, let me throw this out also (in a deep, deep whisper):

Have you seen this Piggy Bop? I need to speak with her… this Piggy Bop… and this Cat’s Meow.

There you go. Put on your thinking caps.
Have you seen Piggy Bop? Next lines are welcome.
Stand alone captions, fine.
Best line wins. (I will solve the “win what” later.)

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