Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going On

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That clear brain only lasted for about an hour.

So, I am kind of just staggering on, seeing the Doc, laughing at the surreal communication, the surreal American medical system.

I want a neurologist to check out my brain - show me the hoops I have to go through.

So, until I am my chatty self again, I found a poem:

Nobody Makes It Up that Mountain

The truth is nobody
makes it up that mountain,
no matter what the guidebooks
and signposts say,
and each time you slip
it seems such a simple thing
that brought you down:
your shoelaces need tightening,
the load adjusting,
you must not let that thought
come to distract you again.

But if you really want to reach
the promised land, fall back.
It lies behind you;
it is where you go in the afternoon
when you lean away from the world
and watch the sun sink
behind the trees.

It is the meadow you left
in your childhood, just to see
if you could find it again.

Prartho Sereno

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