Friday, November 23, 2007

Manifesting 101

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All my life I have been contemplating a question of Heidegger’s that has always struck me as strangely profound: why is there something, why not rather nothing?

Have you ever thought about that? We take our life, we take life, we take existence, for granted. We take it as a given, and then we complain that it isn't working out as we wanted it to. But why should we be here in the first place? Why should we exist at all? Why should anything exist at all? Really there’s no reason for it. Why not nothing rather than something? Nothing would be simpler.

Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Gratitude

The next entry, "Thanksgiving Vibhuti" is about a "miracle" - something coming out of nothing.

I've had a few hours to think about what more I could have said by way of explanation. These words are as good as any additional. And take the discussion in yet another direction.

Basically, we create It. Or, God creates It.

Or, probably more accurately (for Non-dualists): It creates It.

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