Monday, November 05, 2007

Through My Window

Thru my window 5
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I took this picture the other morning. Pretty fall days here. The cold fogged the window and I couldn't see out clearly. Take it as a metaphor.

My mom has been in and out, in and out of the hospital for the past couple weeks. Somehow with "all that" I found myself online early this morning searching for I don't know what... something to hold onto.

I found this poem by Dorothy Hunt.
It says enough for now.

Look how this nakedness shows its vast wardrobe!
Here it dresses as a rose;
there it dresses as a car;
here the suit is Mother;
there the suit is Daughter.
Spirit does not inhabit these things.
Nothingness does not climb in and out.
The rose grows thorns
and does not bloom in winter;
the mother will one day sleep without waking
and her daughter will weep.

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