Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amazing Grace

Originally uploaded by LunaSol
This wonderful image is by a woman here in Georgia.

To me it is the path.
The yellow brick road come to earth
is a bit grittier,
and also softer
than Dorothy's.

But after all we are in Georgia
and not Oz
or even Kansas, Bennie.

This was Thanksgiving.

and not...

And today Mom turns 82.
She sent me this link a few minutes ago.

Amazing Grace.

Treat yourself to this blessing.

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A. R. M. said...

What a blessing that was. I didn't realize how the remnants of this days task had gathered at the base of my neck causing my shoulders to rise almost reaching my ears, until this Amazing Grace piece. First I viewed it but had to give in and close my eyes allowing it to massage my vary soul. And with a deep breath I decided to pack it up and call it a day, but first had to write to say THANK YOU to you and your mom. 82 what a blessing and computer savvy... what a blessing.