Monday, January 15, 2007

Strange Thought Number Three

(Less you think all my strange thoughts involve a bathroom.)

We now get to the last strange thought to date.

Last night I was lying in bed, in the process of going to sleep. As usual, I'm lying there and talking to myself. I've no recollection about what. But, I happened to ask myself, “Are you happy?”

My first response was "yes." However, that didn’t seem quite accurate. But, upon reflection neither did a simple, “No.”

Again, I didn’t see the answer coming.

It rose up out of my gut presenting my conclusion to the sincere inquiry, "Am I... what, what?" The answer wasn’t even a thought at first. But taking words on to describe itself, I heard perhaps the strangest thought of all, “I don’t exist.”

I jumped back to, "Well, I'm pretty happy. Mostly happy. Happier than a while ago. ... I don't exist?"